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Streamer Duration Info & Plans
Streamer Duration information & plans


Streamer Duration (SD) -  Models for this event contain a Streamer for its recovery system method.  The models must stay in one piece, not drop any parts.  A big challenge of this event is to have a model that can contain a large streamer that can deploy reliably, in order to get a good duration. 

NAR Sporting Code Rules for Streamer Duration

Streamer Duration Overview and plans on the NAR website.

Parachute & Streamer Duration presentation by Pavel Pinkas - Good info and advice for both events

Streamer Duration Model Kits

Apogee Components 
      Blue Streak  18mm model that can be adapted for 13mm engines. Comes with a streamer for sport flying, should replace with a larger streamer for Contest flying
Aerospace Specialty Products (ASP Rocketry)
      13mm Streamer Duration Kit  - 1/4A-A 13mm model with 4 x 40" Tracing Paper streamer.
      18mm Streamer Duration Kit -  1/2A to C sized model with 6 x 60" Tracing Paper streamer.

      Cougar 660  18mm motor  model, which can be converted to fly on 13mm motors. Comes with Stremers for contest or sport flying.

Estes Industries
      Wizard  - 18mm motor size kit with streamer recovery.  For lower power (1/2A to A) Parachute Duration, can  have a custom 13mm engine mont added to it.

Plans List

ASTRE PD & SD Plans - Drawing for a basic design, 13mm version and 18mm version (note larger fin pattern), that can be used for PD or SD.  

13mm Design by Trip Barber - Plan for a 13mm model  designed for Streamer Duration.

Mark Talkington PD & SD Plans - Plans for an 18mm model that can be used for Parachute and Streamer Duration

More plans TBA


Tim Van Milligan / Apogee videos showing how to make, fold, and prep a "folded" 2 mil mylar streamer. This example is for a 10 x 100" streamer for F to G sized models. Normally 4 x 40 or 5x 50" 1 mil mylar are used for 13mm models, 6 x 60" 1 mil mylar for 18mm type models.  Part One:

Part Two:


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