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Boost Glider Info & Plans
BOOST GLIDE (B/G) information & plans


Boost Glide  - Gliders that boost up on rocket power, and glide down. The glider is allowed to separate from the rocket pod, or rocket it was attached to. Flexible wing surfaces are not allowed.   If a Boost Glider kicks an engine out,  the engine has to have a recovery device (such as streamer) attached to the engine or it will be disqualified as unsafe recovery of the engine. Rocket Gliders are also legal for Boost Glide. 

NAR Sporting Code Rules for Boost Glide 

Boost Glide Overview and plans are on the NAR website. The overview is VERY informative, with MANY plans and a list of kits (some of which are OOP). 

More information about gliders, building,  trimming, and aerodynamic stability - Several links to articles.

HOW TO articles about B/G's:

How to convert Hand Launch Gliders for Boost Glide - Written for the Sweepette 19 kit, but applicable for converting a lot of Free Flight model airplane Hand Launch Gliders (HLG's) for Boost Glide.  A key thing is to not choose a model with a too-thin wing that might shred.

Boost Glider Kits:

Apogee Components
     Mini-Condor Boost Glider Kit  - 13mm 1/2A to A powered B/G kit. 9.7" span glider. Pop-pod attaches to glider using a cast pod hook. Check the link for far more information about this glider kit and other links.

    Sunward Boost Glider Kit - 18mm B to C powered kit. 

Semroc / eRockets
      Blue Jay Boost Glider Kit - 18mm engine B to C powered B/G kit.  Easy to build well proven delta winged design. 
     Swift Boost Glider Kit - 18mm A thru C engine powered kit.  A reproduction of the classic Centuri Swift B/G. 

Estes Industries
     Tercel Boost Glider Kit - Nice kit for A to C power, unfortunately Out of Production, but some can be found by google search.
North Coast Rocketry
     NorthHawk R/C B/G kit - 18mm B and C powered 2-channel (rudder and elevator) Radio Controlled B/G kit. R/C equipment not included.

It should  be noted that Edmonds Aerospace had a wonderful selection of glider kits, such as the Deltie series.  However, those have gone OOP (Out of Production) and are hard to find. 

Boost Glide Plans:

Flanigan Standard Pop-Pod - Time-proven B/G Pop-pod system used by many models to this day, by Chris Flanigan from the MIT Competition Notebook.           Flanigan pod lower left, Spooler pod lower right.

Spooler Pop-Pods & "L" Glider Hooks  - A very reliable pop-pod system which was a winning R&D  entry by the Southern Neutron Team in 2006.

Fish N Chips  B/G original design for 1/4A to 1/2A power.  Original 1977 MIT plan by Chris Flanigan and Guppy Youngren.

1/4A Fish N Chips B/G for 1/4A3-3T.  Adaptation of the MIT original, by George Gassaway.

"Big" Fish N Chips B/G for 1/2A3-2T and A3-4T.  Adaptation of the MIT original, by George Gassaway.
Maxima A Boost Glider Instructions  - The instructions by Ed LaCroix are VERY USEFUL for building and flying any kind of glider.  Use this link for the Full Size Maxima-A Templates from the original plans. Designed for A power, also works for 1/2A3-T if built lightly. 

Maxima B Boost Glider Templates Use Ed LaCroix's Maxima-A Instructions on the Rocket Shoppe website, replacing the Maxima-A dimensions with the Maxima-B and using a pop-pod system for 18mm engines. It is not designed to survive on C power, use only B4-2 engines.

The D-Light Boost Glider plan and article - A D12 powered B/G, by Trip Barber. This model should also boost fine on a C11-3. Besides the plan itself, the article is a general treasure trove of great info and advice on how to select balsa, sand wings, building, and even how to apply Japanese tissue!

One of the drawings for the Spooler Pop-Pod

Several B/G's with Spooler Pods

More B/G info and plans TBA.
NAR# 18723  -  GeorgesRockets.Com   "Contest flying, Sport flying, it's all good."

1/2A Boost Glide  - From the Model Competition Strategies series by Tim Van Milligan of Apogee Components.


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