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Rocket Glider Info & Plans
Rocket Glide (R/G) information & plans


Rocket Glide  -  Gliders that boost up on rocket power and glide down, which do NOT drop any parts. So, the Rocket Glider has to keep the engine with it, nothing can come off. It is very difficult to get a Rocket Glider to boost straight and transition to glide on their own, so they usually have some physical change from boost mode to glide mode. Such as Slide Wings (wings near the back on boost, sliding forward for glide),  Swing Wings (Wings folded back for boost, swinging out for glide),  Slide Pods (long sliding engine pod that makes the glider nose-heavy on boost, then slide back to shift the CG for glide), or Auto-Elevator models where a movable elevator is flat on boost and moves up to change the glide trim. There are also other ways such as scissor-wings and scissor flop wings. Nearly all such models do that by using the ejection charge to burn a thread or activate something else triggered by ejection. There are also R/C Rocket Gliders which are adjusted for  neutral pitch trim for boost, then via R/C change the elevator trim upwards for glide, as well as the boost being piloted.   

NAR Sporting Code Rules for Rocket Glide  

Rocket Glide Overview and plans on the NAR website.

More information
 about gliders, building,  trimming, and aerodynamic stability
 - Several links to articles.

Rocket Glide Kits

Apogee Components: 
     Cirrus Breeze Slide Wing  - 13mm 1/2A to A power Kit from Apogee Components. 
      Also see the Cirrus Breeze Youtube Video series by Tim Van Milligan of Apogee

     Stratus Gale Slide Wing - 18mm B to C power Kit from Apogee Components. 
      Also see the Stratus Gale Youtube Video series by Tim Van Milligan of Apogee

Other kits TBA

Rocket Glide Plans

Gnat R' Horn  Slide Wing R/G for 1/4A to 1/2A power.  by George Gassaway. Drawing by Tony Williams, from the "Impact" newsletter in 1979. Name comes from when glider events had nicknames, Gnat was 1/4A and Hornet was 1/2A. 

Xebec A3 Auto-Elevator R/G for 1/2A to A power.  by George Gassaway. Drawing by Wolfram von Kiparsky. This is a bit big for 1/2A power, but workable. Originally designed for A3-2T engines, which are not sold anymore. A3-4T is a bit long of a delay, unless piston launched.

Xebec-B Auto-Elevator R/G for B4-2 power.  by George Gassaway.    Templates for Xebec-B wings and tail surfaces.

Stiletto-B Slide Wing R/G plans for B4-2 power.  by George Gassaway.  See Stiletto-D page for more generic information on this kind of Slide Wing.

Stiletto-C Slide Wing R/G plans for C6-3 power.  by George Gassaway. See Stiletto-D page for more generic information on this kind of Slide Wing.

Stiletto-D Slide Wing R/G article and plans for D12-3 power.  by George Gassaway. The article has useful information which applies to many T-Rail type Slide Wings. 

More R/G info and plans TBA.
Rocket Glide Videos

Cirrus Breeze Slide Wing Series

Stratus Gale Slide Wing Series

More videos TBA

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