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Flex-Wing Glider Info & Plans
Flex Wing Glider information & plans

Flex-wings - Gliders which use flexible covering for the wings, and fold up for rocket boost. Typical models simply use three spars connected by a nose spring, for a Delta wing design. The glider folds up and is carried inside of a long booster rocket, then at ejection the glider is kicked out and deploys for glide.

NAR Sporting Code Rules for Flex Wing Gliders

Flex Wing Glider Overview and plans on the NAR website

Building a Rogallo Wing, Rocket Boosted Glider - By Tim Van Milligan & Apogee Components. How-to Information including photos, plus  a 7-part VIDEO series showing how to build a flex-wing glider.

Flexies - Choice of Champions? - by Craig Beyers based on information from George Gassaway. Generic overview of flexwings of many sizes.  The stitching/sewing method of attaching the material to spars is outdated, use Contact Cement thinned with dope thinner.

How to Build & Adjust Flex-Wings  - Article in 1982 issue of IMPACT. Illustrations by Tony Williams. 

Flex-Wings article by Dan Wolf - Great assortment of Flex-wing info, from his "Competition Rocketry" series in Sport Rocketry magazine.

The Joy of Flex Wings - Article by Kevin Wickart in Sport Rocketry magazine (2005), with info on the background, how to build, and how to trim.

Systematic Approach to Trimming Flex-wings - R&D report by the CHEDAR-1 team (Pavel Pinkas & Thomas Hanzlik Pnkas)

Building a FlexWing Boost Glider  - By Rich's Rockets. Go to the bottom of the page for Part One, then move up for the more recent.  Model was built in part based on the Apogee Components information above.

"Build the Opel" - Flex--wing article and plan for a Russian Flex-wing as used at the 1978 WSMC for S4 D/E (Eagle) Boost Glide.  Used  a pendulum type of Dethermalizer to make it dive down after the DT fuse burned a thread. Adapted from the NOVAAR Free Press, in the February 1980 Model Rocketeer.


Build a Flexie Boost Glider, Part 1  - By Tim Van Milligan & Apogee Components. 
First of 7 videos showing how to build a flex-wing.

Three clips of a 24" C sized Flex-wing using a 24mm booster rocket. Hand throw, "blowgun" ejection & deploy test, and an A powered launch that flew for about 90 seconds

Description and glide test of the old Ken Brown Flex Wing kit, built by Alyssa Stenberg.

More Flex Wing info and plans TBA.

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