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Getting Started - NAR Contest Information and links
“How high up did it go? Can I make it fly higher?
How can I make it fly better?
Why do I keep losing my rockets?"

If you are asking yourself questions like these, then you are ready for NAR competition rocketry!

Since 1959, sanctioned NAR model rocket competition has evolved into a proven method for challenging the individual to improve craftsmanship and flying skills. It is an activity that emphasizes patience, skill, and sportsmanship. Any NAR member can participate in NAR sanctioned competition.

The above quote is from the Contest Flying Overview page  on the NAR website. You should start there first. 

The NAR website has a LOT of information about flying NAR sanctioned competition.

Below is a compilation of a number of links on the NAR website.
It should be noted that in July 2017, there was a major change in the contest rulebook,  or U.S. Model Rocket Sporting Code (USMRSC). Indeed, it used to be called the "Pink Book".  Some of the supporting articles and references mention the "Pink Book", and the old regular contest season which had involved Local, Area, and Regional Contests, for a cumulative points system.  A lot of those have not been updated yet to reflect the new regular season contest system (National Rocketry Competition - NRC), so please be aware of this. The ones written for the NAR website are being updated.  And yes, many of those still refer to the rule book (USMRSC) as the "Pink Book". So please bear with us while updates are in progress.

NAR Rocketry Competition Description and Information Main Page -   This is the NAR website's  Primary Resource page to use to navigate for specific information on how to Build,  Fly , and Compete in NAR contests. It has links for information on specific events, which includes plans for many model designs.

The U.S. Model Rocket Sporting Code (Online version of the NAR's Contest Rulebook)
Along the left column are navigation links to different categories of the rules.  

PDF file of the Sporting Code for downloading to your computer.

Sporting Code "Light" for New Competitors  -   The general rules that directly affect the Competitor and apply to All Entries.  Edited by O. Lee James III

National Records List  -  Flight performance records set during NAR sanctioned contests.   
General Competition Tips - An article with a lot of useful practical tips on how to get started.  "Just fly it!"

Launch Windows Online lists most of the competition events currently scheduled. Not all meets are always listed, so it is best to contact an NAR Section near you to find out about contest activity in your area. 

National Rocketry Competition (NRC) is the new contest system introduced for the 2017-2018 Contest season. Please read this CRF thread for more information:  

Scoreboard Results  for National Rocketry Competition (NRC) - Use this link to find the current regular season results and rankings of NAR competitors results from across the United States.

Register an NAR Launch - Contest Directors need to go here to register a sanctioned National Rocketry Competition (NRC) contest.

Contest Results Entry - Contest Directors need to go here to post the results of their National Rocketry Competition (NRC) contest.

What is NARAM?  Partial quote from the page: "The National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet (NARAM) is the NAR’s annual model rocketry championship. This is the big meet, where NAR members from around the world gather for a week-long rocketeers’ reunion.
      The first NARAM was held in 1959, just two years after the NAR was formed. It was, and still is, primarily a National Championship, where the best compete for top National standing. Winners earn recognition for their achievement, and trophies are awarded for the top places in each event, for the NARAM Champions, and for the overall National Champions." - By Chris Taylor.  Chris has had this website since 1998, posting photos, videos, and results day-by-day during each year's NARAM. The link takes you to the previous (or newly upcoming) NARAMlive site, below the logo are links of archives for the previous NARAM Lives.  Chris also archives previous websites (the sites created by the NARAM hosts) - Sister site of NARAMlive, with other rocketry events. Including previous WSMC's.  - By Chris Taylor. The most recent (or upcoming) World Space Modeling Championships

[More TBA]
Publication Resources


Model Rocketry Magazine Scanned issues - This famous magazine edited by George Flynn  was published from October 1968, through January/February 1972. Despite the age of the articles and plans, there is much to be learned that is still useful to today.  Includes coverage of many contests such as NARAMs, Scale data, model plans, technical articles, history, and much more.   Scanned pdf copies are hosted on the website. 
Model Rocketry Magazine Index - a PDF compilation of the indexes on the Ninfinger site. Use this to search for plans and articles on a particular subject or type.

NAR Magazine Index by Lila Schmaker - The NAR's magazine has had several names through the years:  Model Rocketeer,      American Spacemodeling, and now Sport Rocketry magazine.  Lila Schmaker has compiled this huge index for all issues from 1972 through mid-2017.  You can use it to search for contest plans, articles, coverage (such as NARAMs), and much more. Unfortunately, back-issues are not available online, but some are sold thru NARTS. But you could try to ask a friend who may have back issues to look something up for you.
Terrific resource.

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