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Approved Altimeter List
Approved Altimeter list in the NAR rulebook:

The following list of altimeters is approved for contest use, per Rule 14.10:


[CRF staff note: If the above list is updated on the NAR site and out of date here, please PM a CRF staff member to let them know this list needs to be updated]
The list below has links to the web pages of the sources for the altimeters on the NAR Approved Altimeter List.

Adrel BMP - Distributed in the U.S. by North Coast Rocketry (this listing to be updated soon). Adrels are used mostly for FAI Competition, especially for World Championships.  Note that only the "BMP" version is approved for NAR competition

Altus Metrum
     MicroPeak Altimeter  - Note: Keep it out of direct sunlight or its readings may be affected.   

Jolly Logic
     Altimeter One
     Altimeter Two
     Altimeter Three



     StratolLogger CF  and StratoLogger SL100

Of course, there are more Altimeters that are made and sold by others. But only the above ones have been tested and met the requirements to be approved for use in NAR Competition.

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