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Windlance D engine boost glider
Maidened the first of the Mini-Windlances today. This one is not the most carefully built...and all I did for trimming the glider was chuck it in the front yard to get the CG about right and put a bit of scrap on the TE to open up the glide circle (per your trimming catapult and chuck gliders video).

It was a gorgeous straight boost and a very nice glider flight. I don’t have a time but it was impressive (at least to me and Pat Fitzpatrick who was also at the field). If I can do a better job of building the other two and fly off a piston (and I have successfully flown an Aleda-R off a piston) I have something that should do well at NARAM.
Bernard Cawley
NAR 89020
AMA 42160
“BEC” on YORF, TRF, RCGroups and a few other places

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Windlance D engine boost glider - by Josh Finn - 07-02-2018, 10:16 AM
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