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How to post Files, Photos, Videos, Hyperlinks, and open the User Control Panel
Need Help?   

First, try the built-in MyBB Forum Help system by pressing on the "Help" tab at the top right of the forum header. 

User Control Panel info here.  - For editing your user account info, password, name, Avatar, etc,

Attaching a Video info here.

Creating Hyperlinks (like this one) here.

Files and Photos: 

This forum does not attach photos or files. This is in order to keep the costs of the forum low, as server space  to host many gigabytes of photos and files costs more than can be justified at this time.

How to insert Files:  For files, please use a 3rd party file host. I use dropbox, but there are many options:

In a forum message, copy and paste the url link of the file that you have uploaded to the file host.  If you want to Hyperlink it, see message #3 below (The preceding link is a hyperlink).

How to insert Images:  For photos,  users can use online photo hosts such as Imgur, Flickr and others. Here is how to make the images display in a forum posting:

How to insert and Image, using MyBB, in message post mode. The first part below is from a screenshot.


Which produced this (continued below):
[Image: fKnDJ31.jpg]

Repeating the process, but using a width of 480 pixels:
[Image: fKnDJ31.jpg]

It is highly recommended to crop photos to show the important parts and remove dead space. 
[Image: IMG_2448.JPG]
The same photo (below) after being custom cropped, posted to imgur, then its photo link pasted into "insert a link" and set to a width of 480. It also has the effect of "zooming in", for the same displayed image width.
[Image: 2SBKnDe.jpg]

Here is the manual "old school" way of posting images using "img" tags:

The photo below is hosted on imgur.
How to insert a Video

When creating a message, use the "Insert a video" tab, select the video host (such as Youtube), and paste in the url as shown in the three screenshots below.   The video used as an example is one that also shows how to do this process.




The result after ending editing and saving the post:

Creating a Hyperlink  - Screenshot using the message editor.


Resulting Hyperlink:  NAR's website
How to use the User Control Panel  (User CP)

When you log in, click on the User CP link at the left, below the CRF logo.

On the left side panel, you will find links for changing your username, password, adding an Avatar, signature, and other User settings. See the screenshot example, below.

Please remember that we prefer for all users to use their real name, at least first or last. You can also include a well-known handle, but in addition to your real name.


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