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Special Order Motors
For those of you who are interested, we are preparing to make a purchase of special Aerotech motors to support 2018 WSMC team needs. 

For S5C, we are ordering a special batch of C3.4-8 motors at a price of $13.00 each.

For S8E/P, we are ordering a batch of E4-P single use motors at a price of $24.00

These motors will be safety certified to permit use on NAR ranges, but they will not be certified for regular NAR contest use. 

We anticipate that these motors will be permitted at the 2019 US Team Flyoffs, so you may want to consider ordering if you plan to try out for the 2020 team.

Shipping and handling costs will be added to these prices, and the motors will be drop shipped to your location. a 50% deposit is required to order these motors. We anticipate shipment shortly after the first of the year.

If you are interested in adding to this order, please PM me no later than Sunday, October22.



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