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Eggloft Altitude Info & Plans
Eggloft Altitude information & plans


Eggloft Altitude  Models for this event carry a Grade A Large Egg to as high as possible, and return the egg  without being broken or cracked. There is also a Dual Eggloft version, to fly two eggs and return them uncracked.  The main challenge of this event is to design the rocket so it can protect the egg(s) for flight (and landing), while trading off the size, mass, and aerodynamics of the model to try to fly high enough to score well.

NAR Sporting Code Rules for Single Eggloft Altitude

NAR Sporting Code Rules for Dual Eggloft Altitude

Eggloft Altitude Overview and plans on the NAR website.

Selecting Parachutes for Egglofting -   By Andy Jackson of Aerospace Specialty Products

[Remainder of this page to be completed soon]

Eggloft Model Kits

Apogee Components 
     Egg Tosser kit - 24mm main body model that can fly on B or larger 18mm motors. Has a PET-G Vac-formed capsule, with special molded egg-shaped foam cushions like CMR had long long ago.

Apogee also sells egg capsules separately, as well as egg cushions.

Custom Rockets 
     Elite Egglofter   - 18mm model for B thru D  power.  Uses a blow molded egg capsule.

Aerospace Specialty Products (ASP Rocketry)
     Egglofting shirt"Egglofting, it' no yolk" yellow Tee shirt, small size.  Also available in XXL size and in XXXL size.
     "Over Easy" 1/4 mil Mylar Chutes - These are large diameter parachutes suitable for Eggloft Duration. Not well suited for eggloft altitude but mentioned here for completeness. Read Andy Jackson's "Selecting Parachutes for Egglofting"

Plans List

Prangroc - By Mike Burzynski.  A classic plan for a basic egglofter.  It uses tow larger halves of an Easter Egg capsule. But some plastic Easter Eggs can be too small to safely land an egg, so be careful in your choice, or perhaps use this as a guide for adding a commerrically made Egg Capsule.

18mm and 24mm Egglofters - By George Gassaway.  Basic plans for generic egglofters.

Two Minute Egg - By George Gassaway. Plans and pattern for making a shrouded egglofter.  Designed more for Egg Duration than for Altitude, due to the parachute storage inside the shroud.

More plans To Be Added


Tim Van Milligan / Apogee video on C Eggloft Altitude models

And an earlier video from 2011


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