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Little Joe-II Scale Data
This thread is for scale data, photos, and other information on the real Little Joe-II.  It is not for built models,  please look up or start a new thread for models. 
Above,  Tom Beach with the Alamogordo, NM Little Joe, and several rocketeers with the JSC Little Joe in 1979.

Tom Beach and I worked on data for the Little Joe-II, which was presented  in the May/June and July/August 1992 issues of American Spacemodeling Magazine (Now called Sport Rocketry Magazine, edited by Tom Beach).


The information, drawings, and photos from the magazine is posted to my GeorgesRockets website. As well as more information, drawings, and photos.

Some examples:


Tom Beach later created drawings for the Little Joe-II pad. Those are great documentation for building a  "Super Scale" launch pad.


More data TBA
NAR# 18723  -  GeorgesRockets.Com   "Contest flying, Sport flying, it's all good."
Accur8 Spacemodels  Little Joe-II pages - A number of high quality scans of some Little Joe-II photos.

[Image: LittleJoeII-13.jpg]
NAR# 18723  -  GeorgesRockets.Com   "Contest flying, Sport flying, it's all good."

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