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S2P (Payload, Precision Flight) Introduction
In the FAI event Classification, S2 is the class for Payload.  True payload fell out of favor some years ago, but the addition of a fragile payload (an egg) and the precision requirement for both altitude and flight duration had breathed new life into this class.  S2P is seeing participation as an FAI Provisional event.  It is not official and scores in this event do not count toward international points rankings.  Think of this event as similar to the task flown by young people involved in the TARC program.

One thing that sets S2P apart from other FAI competition events, is that there is no motor class restriction.  Similar to Scale, the only limit is the upper limit of 200g of total propellant and 160 Ns total impulse for the model.  Single motors are limited to 125g of propellant and 100 Ns total impulse.  Also, the total weight of the model must not exceed 1500g.  These restrictions keep the vehicle within the definition of a "model" rocket.

For an excellent overview; follow this link to the NAR website: S2P – Precision Payload
Terrill Willard
Phoenix, Arizona
NAR 55192
USA 775089

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