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1/4A Helicopter Duration - what model??
(03-20-2019, 01:23 AM)Bernard Cawley Wrote: There is a rules change proposal in the current NAR rules change cycle to limit pistons and another to disallow them. The proposals have not yet been voted on and whatever comes out of it will not affect this year’s NRC up through NARAM-61. After that, though - well, it depends on how the votes go.

Specifics on how that works and timing here:

So yes, pistons are currently allowed and will be through at least August 3rd.

That Apogee kit is where my thoughts have gone so far....I was fishing, with my post, for alternatives really.

Thank you for the clarification on the piston launcher ruling.  I have a QCR piston launch system and a Sunward hobbies floating piston system and was looking forward to using them during this years NRC year.  When I read the FAI ruling, that made me wonder if NAR would allow them for this year.  I have not found any other light weight helo kits other than the Apogee kit.

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