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The National Rocketry Competition Begins!
On August 5th, 2017, the inaugural year of the National Rocketry Competition (NRC) began. 
This means that the new Sporting Code (competition rulebook) can be used to fly the six events that comprise the first National Rocketry Competition.

1/2A Parachute Duration
1/2A Boost Glider
A Streamer Duration
A Helicopter Duration
A Payload Altitude- Altimeter
C Eggloft Altitude- Altimeter

To sanction an NRC launch and begin finding out how your flying skills in any or all of these six events stack up against everyone else in your competition age division, go to > Contest Flying > Register an NAR Launch and fill out the online form selecting NRC Launch in the Event Types window. Fill out the rest of the information and you're on your way to flying the NRC!

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