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Is a separate altimeter bay required ?
Hi All,

   I am planning to use Firefly and MicroPeak altimeters for the altitude events at the coming NARAM 60.  My question concerns their mounting in the rockets for the various events.  Specifically, is a separate compartment required for all events or can I simply tie the altimeter to the shock cord?  I do not see anything in the current Pink Book about this.
   My A Payload models have vented separate compartments and, in C Eggloft, I am planning on putting the altimeters in the egg capsules which all have room in the molded shoulders that plug into the tube.  This would again serve as a separate compartment and again these are vented.  I suppose my question applies more directly to the C SR altitude and B Cluster altitude events.  I was going to simply hang the altimeters on the shock cord for these events and vent the body tubes.  I figure the wadding and recovery systems would provide enough protection from the ejection charge for the altimeter's safety.
   Since I am newly returned to rocketry competition after 15 years, I am a newbie to altitude competition utilizing altimeters and would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Mel Gray
Gray Matter Rocketry Team

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Is a separate altimeter bay required ? - by Mel Gray - 04-28-2018, 11:16 AM

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