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S8 (R/C Rocket Glide) Introduction - TD Willard - 09-04-2017

S8 is the FAI competition class dedicated to Radio Controlled Rocket Gliders.  Juniors fly S8D (20 Ns total) and Seniors S8E/P (40 Ns total with a precision duration and precision landing requirement).

Follow this link to the NAR website for your introduction: S8 – RC Rocket Glider

RE: S8 (R/C Rocket Glide) Introduction - TD Willard - 09-05-2017

Here are a few photos from the 2012 World Championships in Slovakia.  

This is the US Senior team that flew S8E/P.  Kevin Johnson, Matt Berk and George Gassaway took home the team Bronze medal.

ImageIMG_0888 by T-rex in AZ, on Flickr

Russian Junior S8D team members.

I believe this was an S8E/P entry by the Senior team from China.