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Full Version: Windlance D engine boost glider
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This has been in development for a while now, and I haven't exactly kept it a secret, but flight testing is finally concluded and I think it flies rather well. Enjoy:

Yes, kits are indeed available. Not as affordable as the Edmond's offerings, but then we hand select the balsa on these, so they come out light enough that you can use actual paint.
So now for a little behind the scenes. This model actually preceded the Windlance, but I held it in reserve after we started developing the big one. It has turned out to be quite a nice flier, easy to trim, and launches extremely straight. Take a look:

Doggone it, Josh....and I thought I was going to use Aleda-Rs at NARAM. Order placed.
(07-11-2018, 04:10 PM)Bernard Cawley Wrote: [ -> ]Doggone it, Josh....and I thought I was going to use Aleda-Rs at NARAM. Order placed.

Hehehehe! We'll get those in the mail ASAP so you can proceed with domination. Wink
Maidened the first of the Mini-Windlances today. This one is not the most carefully built...and all I did for trimming the glider was chuck it in the front yard to get the CG about right and put a bit of scrap on the TE to open up the glide circle (per your trimming catapult and chuck gliders video).

It was a gorgeous straight boost and a very nice glider flight. I don’t have a time but it was impressive (at least to me and Pat Fitzpatrick who was also at the field). If I can do a better job of building the other two and fly off a piston (and I have successfully flown an Aleda-R off a piston) I have something that should do well at NARAM.