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Full Version: Midwest Regional Championships 2018
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WOOSH will be hosting a Model Rocket Contest and NRC (National Rocketry Championship) event on June 9th-10th at Bong Recreation area (near Kenosha, WI). This is to follow on to the highly successful MWRC 2017 that was hosted by WOOSH at Bong last year.

The MWRC contest events are:

1/2A Parachute Duration (NRC event)
1/2A Boost/Glide Duration (NRC event)
A Streamer Duration (NRC event)
C Eggloft Altitude (altimeter) (NRC event)
B Cluster Altitude (altimeter) (5 B motor cluster)
Classic Model (model of a non scale commercially available rocket kit that was available prior to 1990, scale-ups or scale-downs allowed)

Contest scoring will use the USMRC NARAM Scoring Method (no WFs,1st 25 points, 2nd 20 points, 3rd 17 points, 4th 14 points, 5th 12 points, etc.)

Note: Other 2018 NRC events permitted to be flown but payloads not provided.

Regards, Dan Wolf
MWRC 2018 Contest Director