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Full Version: Heavy Metal III
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Heavy Metal III will be a combined effort of St Louis Rocketry Association (St. Louis) and Tripoli MO-KAN (Walnut Grove MO).   The event will be held on the site of NARAM 58 in Walnut Grove MO, May 19-20, 2018.  Site location is at - 37.4486N, 93.61565W.   Directions to be provided.  A block of hotel rooms in Springfield is planned.
We will host a model rocket competition sanctioned under NRC rules.   The Heavy Metal III contest will consist of 4 events selected from the 2017/2018 NRC events list plus 2 additional events.  Contestants are free to fly any or all of the 2 additional NRC events.  Results for these two events will be submitted to the national scoreboard but will not count toward your score in the Heavy Metal III contest.  We will provide eggs but not payloads or altimeters.  NO returns are required for this event.
Contest hours will be 8AM to 5PM Saturday.  Sunday will begin at 8AM and the contest will end promptly at 3PM.   These are approximate and subject to weather conditions and the contest director’s (John Buckley, ) discretion.  Sport range hours may differ slightly.
Heavy Metal III Contest events
1/2 A PD
1/2A BG
*NON NRC event
Sport Launch:
The sport range will be separate from the contest range and rockets up to and including M impulse class may be flown.   The maximum permitted altitude will be 12,500 feet AGL.   Rockets projected to go over 8,000 ft, require a simulation prior to flight.   Also, if you plan to conduct a Level II certification flight or have any questions regarding the sport range operation, please contact Gary Cole at