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Full Version: October Fly XVI
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If you are going to be in St Louis tis weekend, we will be running a contest.  Here are the details,

October Fly this year will be held October 21-22, at Buder Park, St Louis MO.
Contest events:
1/4A Altitude (altimeter) 1/2A PD* A SD* 1/2A BG* 1/2A HD Predicted duration
*NRC event
This contest will be sanctioned as an NRC competition, three of the NRC events are on the events list.  All NRC events may be flown at this meet.  Contestants wishing to fly A payload or C ELA must provide their own NAR compliant payloads and eggs.  Stopwatches will be available. There will be an award for the person scoring the most "points".
Contest hours will be 9AM to 5PM Saturday and 9AM to 3PM Sunday.  The contest will end promptly at 3PM Sunday.
John Buckley
Good luck with your contest John!