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Full Version: Whither the Rose Fin Jig?
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I sent an email to the address on the page you linked to for the Rose Fin Jig (saw it at NARAM 56 and was very impressed). The email bounced with “invalid recipient”.

Do you have any other contact information perchance?
Unfortunately, Art Rose died in 2014, and no copies of his fin jig are being made. 

His company website is still up, but nothing is available. 

So that fliers can see what it is we are talking about, here is a link to a page about the Rose Fin Jig, and a photo below.


And being used by Emma Krystal.

[Image: KAXYH4k.jpg]

When Art died there were only 3 or 4 completed fin jigs left.  Because they were the last ones they sold for much more than the prices listed on the website, the last new one going earlier this year for ~$1000.  I know that seems insane to many but these are incredible precision instruments made by a master machinist (who also happened to be one of the Godfathers of competition rocketry) for building models for world class competition. They weren't designed to  glue fins on sport models (although I do, LOL). 

Emma and I have built hundreds and hundreds of models on our fin jig.  It has travelled with us to 6 world competitions and all over the U.S. competing.  The rocket Emma is building in George's photo not only won that competition but it also set a national record. And yes, she's building it the day of the competition, on the flying field.

I probably use my fin jig least once a month, often much more.  As a matter of fact I was using it just 3 days ago to put together a demonstration model for a young man I'm mentoring for our junior team. As I explained to him and his dad, no model built with a Rose Fin Jig will spin on the way up, not even a little.  It is an absolutely flawless piece of precision equipment that produces the same perfect result every time. It is my absolute favorite piece of rocketry equipment that I own, and an absolute pleasure every time I use it.

Although Art built these for many years, I have never seen one for sale on eBay and I've never seen one offered on any of the web forums. I don't know of anyone who has one who has ever offered to give one up.  In terms of quality and rarity, they are truly the Stradivarii of model rocketry.

If you ever have a chance to buy one, don't pass it up. 

Thanks, Steve. I will keep that in mind.

I don’t think it was Art Rose who was offering to build them when I saw one in person (NARAM-56) but that source seems to have dried up as well.
(10-24-2017, 05:20 PM)Bernard Cawley Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, Steve. I will keep that in mind.

I don’t think it was Art Rose who was offering to build them when I saw one in person (NARAM-56) but that source seems to have dried up as well.
That was Geoffrey, also a machinist, who assisted Art in his later years when he was no longer able to do everything on his own.  Art had a machine shop in his garage and the units Geoffrey was selling at NARAM were made in Art's shop, by Geoffrey and him.  When Art passed his machine tools went to his children so the shop was disbanded. Geoffrey is no longer able to make them.
Ah - thanks for that added detail. I have a terrible head for names and as I age I find that’s getting worse. All I remember is that he (Geoffrey) was offering them at the time and that I hesitated. Too late now. *sigh*