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The following is the beginning of a hopefully growing list of sources for information for scale data, drawings, photos, and so forth for various rockets.

Please post your own recommendations for resources in replies to this sticky thread, so this first message can be updated.

Peter Alway's Rockets of The World book  -  Peter Alway's "Rockets of the World" book is in its 4th edition, with 384 pages covering 200 versions of 139 rockets. All suitable for Sport Scale data, indeed used by a lot of competitors for their scale data packs. Most of the data also qualifies for SCALE as well.  Available at the above link, from NARTS.


The Art of Scale Model Rocketry - Download - Peter Alway's second book (above right), made available by him for download as a PDF file. Focusing more on how to build scale models, research, planning, construction, and plans for scale models of a number of rockets.  Published in 1994, some of the references are outdated, but the core information is solid.

An Archive of some of Peter Alway's drawings at 72 DPI, and an archive of photographs of real rockets in some of those drawings. From Jim Ball's old Yelowjacket Systems site.

NAR Technical Services  (NARTS) -  NARTS has scale data for the Aerobee 350, IQSY Tomahawk, Super Loki Dart, Sandhawk, Patriot, and more. The data is in more detail than usually found elsewhere.

NAR magazine Back-issues - The NAR's magazine (Sport Rocketry now, previously named American Spacemodeling and the Model Rocketeer) has had scale data published in it many times. NARTS sells back-issues, and in cases of originals being out of stock, photocopies. 

Check out this NAR magazine index, compiled by Lila Schmaker, to see a list of  contest articles, plans, scale data, and R&D reports which have been published in the NAR's  magazine through mid 2017.

RealSpace Models  -  High-Quality Drawings by David Weeks, of Mercury (Little Joe-I, Mercury Redstone, Merc. Atlas), Gemini, Apollo, and Saturn-IB, Saturn-V, and Saturn-V/Skylab. 24 x 36" sheets. If you're doing any NASA rocket that flew a Mercury, Gemini, or Apollo spacecraft, you may well want to get these drawings.

Accur8 Spacemodels - by John Pursley.   "Skin kits" for Mercury Redstone and Little Joe-II.  Data information and documentation for several vehicles & scale projects.  Massive source of information about the Saturn-V Also, photos of the Navaho,   Saturn-I SA-4 ,   MLAS ,   Vanguard ,  and  Saturn-V.

GeorgesRockets - Data for Little Joe-II   Space Shuttle,   Saturn-IB,   X-20/DynaSoar,  and some information about the X-1 (though mostly of the model build).

Archive of Jim Ball's Scale Data site - A source of a lot of info, photos, and other useful links.  Unfortunately, the original site is gone, but this 2008 archive still exists.

More links to be added later. For now, here is a somewhat out of date list on this Scale tips page, about 3/4 of the way down - "Data sources - Vendors", which also includes some non-vendor data source sites (though many links no longer work).
Great information on sources :-)